Houston, Melo Has Landed

Carmelo Anthony has had a busy offseason. The Thunder announced that he would not be playing in OKC for the upcoming season and much speculation came out about where he would wind up. He was then traded to the Atlanta Hawks, made his $27.9 million in his short time with the franchise where he was bough out and is now headed to the Houston Rockets on a veteran’s minimum of $2.4 million.

Melo is a player of much criticism and in this deep, talented west, it is hard to say that Anthony will actually be an asset to any team. He is a player that is still sometimes considered as a superstar. He is one of the greatest scorers the NBA has ever seen but when it comes to the important part of winning, he has never fared too well.

Melo came out of the same draft class as LeBron and in ways, their games have always been compared to one another. They are both small forwards who are great at what they can do in scoring, passing and rebounding. Though unlike LeBron who only knows how to get to the Finals, Melo has struggled to win in the playoffs.

He is constantly bashed for not making his team better. Although his stat line looks even throughout, his play in the game is more about isolation plays. The 12 time All Star can score very well but struggles to get his teammates involved which in a team sport, leads to losing. This is where he comes back to being compared to LeBron because James makes his team better while Anthony does not.

Melo’s most recent fail came in Oklahoma City last season when the Thunder acquired him and formed their big three of Paul George, Westbrook and Melo. Though there were questions on if this team would work, they still struggled in the regular season yet made it to the playoffs as a fourth seed, then got knocked off by a rookie led Jazz team in the first round.

Melo was seen as the problem for the Thunder and will ultimately begin this season on the Rockets. It was reported that Melo will come off the bench for Houston which was something he needed to do last year but his ego would not let him.

Melo will fit better off the bench because when Paul and Harden are taking their rest, he can do more isolation plays and scoring without taking the ball out of the other star’s hands.

Even though the Rockets attained a Hall of Famer and were very close to knocking off the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, it still might not be enough to beat the reigning champs as they too went out and acquired a multiple time All Star in DeMarcus Cousins. Melo is still an assest for Houston is he comes off the bench and maybe the Rockets will be able to find a way past the Goliath known as Golden State.

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