Time For Another Jimmermania

Besides winning College Player of the Year and being crowned MVP in China, the latest feat Jimmer has accomplished is lighting it up in The Basketball Tournament. Jimmer, fittingly, played for Team Fredette and led his team all the way to the semifinals before losing to Eberlein Drive.

Jimmer made the all TBT team and was given the opportunity to showcase his skills back in the United States. He played well in transition, as well as running the offense and taking the ball up the court. His scoring proved to be exceptional and he can still hit a three from five feet behind the line.

This was a great chance for Jimmer to prove that he can still make it in the NBA. After a three year run with the Kings and failed stints with other professional teams, Jimmer decided to head over to China where he was given the chance to become a star, and that he did. Though, his long term goal remained on returning to the NBA and being the player so many thought he could be coming out of college.

Jimmer did not disappoint as he went off in the TBT, looking like his former self in college. He definitely caught the eye of NBA teams with his phenomenal play and electric scoring. Now he just has to wait and see if anyone will offer him a contract.

In a recent interview with Jimmer, he explained how the NBA has changed in his favor with the three ball becoming  necessity for good teams.  He is completely right. Teams live and die by the three, and only the best teams are the ones who can consistently knock down the long ball. Reference the Rockets, Warriors and Cavaliers over the past few seasons.

Jimmer adds exactly that to any team. He is highly efficient shooting three pointers and knocked down 49% of his treys in his last season in Sacramento before being bought out. The only problem Jimmer has faced is criticism of his defense and inconsistent playing time.

Jimmer is not the greatest defender but he is not as terrible as everyone thinks he is. He contests shots and he is stronger than most people give him credit for. With consistent playing time, Jimmer would be able to get into a groove and make the most out of his allotted time.

Jimmer belongs back in the league and fits perfectly in the modern NBA. He has shown growth along with maturity in his time spent away from playing in America. Jimmer has a chip on his shoulder after his exile from the pros, it won’t go away until he finally completes his journey back to the NBA.

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