Who Will Acquire Machado?

Manny Machado is up for grabs and any team who has an interest in making it to and deep into the playoffs is trying to acquire him. Machado has an explosive bat and is even better with his glove. He is starting at shortstop in the All Star Game for a reason and teams will have to give up a pretty penny to obtain him.

The realistic teams I see acquiring the Oriole’s shortstop are the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Phillies and Brewers. They all are in the hunt for the playoffs and have the World Series on their mind. Machado can help these teams that much more reach their goal.

First off, who would have thought that the Phillies would be in first place at this moment in time? They have played well but definitely need that extra help if they want to make it far in the playoffs. The Phillies are overachieving and still have a young core. The Phils shouldn’t give up any of their young pieces for half a year of Machado. If anything they should wait til next year and try to pick him up in free agency.

The Brewers are another team sitting atop of their division. They have played well and offseason additions of Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich have paid off nicely. Machado could turn the Brewers from more of an afterthought playoff team into a feared contender. The only problem is that the Orioles might ask Milwaukee for too much for a half year rental of their shortstop.

The Red Sox are yet another team in search of a trade for Machado. They have the best record in baseball and have an incredible offense. The only problem is that they already have a great shortstop in Xander Bogaerts and Machado has expressed that he does not want to move back to third base. The Red Sox could always trade for him and move him to third anyways but I don’t know if it is a good idea to anger a superstar on your team.

The Dodgers aren’t in first, but with practically the same team as their last year’s World Series roster, the Dodgers are still a real threat to win it all. The only problem is where would Machado fit in? After Seager went down with Tommy John surgery and they moved Chris Taylor to shortstop, other Dodgers have stepped up to fill in the absence of Seager. Machado could improve their offense but by how much? Maybe not enough to justify giving up prospects for him. They should focus more on acquiring pitching.

The Yankees are the other team not in first place on this list yet they are another offensive power house who doesn’t necessarily need Machado. They already have a solid shortstop in Gregorius and Machado has expressed that he would like to sign with the Yankees next year. Since the Yankees don’t really need him and they can get him next year, they shouldn’t make too big of a push to get him.

I think the Brewers will be the best fit for him. The Brewers have room for him at shortstop and he can make them a legitimate threat. They will have to make a great offer for him though because other teams won’t back down. Now until the deadline hits in a few weeks, all we can do now is wait and see who makes a move for the Oriole’s all star shortstop.

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