A Lopsided Season

Going into the offseason there was a lot of talk about where LeBron and other big names would land when the free agency period began. With players like Chris Paul and Paul George resigning with their teams, LeBron switched things up and headed West to Los Angeles to try on purple and gold.

The Laker’s free agent signings started off on a good note, acquiring JaVale McGee and Lance Stephenson shortly after King James made his decision to go to LA. The Lakers looked like a formidable team with the hopes of obtaining acquiring Kawhi Leonard to make a push and perhaps take down the Warriors.

Monday afternoon, Rajon Rondo decided to take his talents to Los Angeles and the Lakers kept getting better. Then about an hour later, news broke that would make every other free agent signing practically worthless for contending teams.

After receiving no handsome offers, DeMarcus Cousins decided to head to Oakland and join the reigning champions. The Golden State Warriors went from JaVale McGee at the center position to Cousins, the six time all star out of Kentucky.

In other teams’ defense, Cousins is coming off a a torn Achilles, an injury hard to come back from, especially for a big man. Although, Cousins is still only 27 years old and will have an easier time coming back from this injury than if he were older.

No one knows how good Cousins will be when he comes back but if he is half the player he once was, he would still be better than JaVale McGee and the Warriors won back to back championships with McGee at the center position.

Cousins should be back in time for the playoffs giving the Warriors a starting lineup of nothing but all stars that are no strangers to playoff pressure except for Cousins. This starting lineup will wreak havoc and take down anything in its path. There won’t be any chance for opposing teams.

Cousins made the Warriors even more lopsided than they already were. Golden State will be the first team to complete a three-peat since Kobe and Shaq did it in the early 2000’s and there isn’t much that any other team can do to stop them.

Say what you want about Cousins’ bad attitude or messing up the chemistry already there in Golden State, it doesn’t matter and won’t likely happen. Kerr is a great coach and the team is loaded with superstars, there is no stopping them.

The NBA season is already over, and yet… it hasn’t even begun.

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