Where Will LeBron End Up?

LeBron James has withdrawn from his “decision cave” in the Caribbean and landed in Los Angeles which might foretell what people have already been thinking. James will choose a team to play for in the next few days and wherever he chooses will rock the NBA world.

There are a lot of teams that want LeBron (technically all of them), but there are only a few teams that have a realistic chance of obtaining him, but even fewer that would make sense.

I will be counting out the Spurs, with this whole Kawhi ordeal, the Clippers, even though it would be funny to see him play there instead of the Lakers, the Celtics, and the Warriors, where he would be seen as a sellout. The only teams that make sense are the Rockets, Lakers, 76ers and to remain with the Cavaliers.

The Rockets and the Sixers are the least likely of these four, in my opinion, to acquire the King. If he went to the Rockets I believe Houston could beat Golden State. Though I don’t think LeBron, Harden and Paul will all share the ball very well and LeBron will not like playing second best to Harden and will look for a team of his own.

On the other hand, the 76ers would welcome LeBron as the leader even with other young stars on the team. It is just hard to see LeBron and Simmons playing together when they are practically the same player. For Simmons’ development, I believe it would be best for him to remain as the primary ball handler and let LeBron go elsewhere. During James’ decline, the Sixers will eventually take over anyways.

That leaves the Cavaliers and the Lakers. The only reason to stay in Cleveland is because of family and of his legacy there. Unless the Cavaliers pick up anyone before LeBron’s decision, his family will be the greatest factor in him remaining.

Los Angeles. Why wouldn’t anyone want to go there? The City of Angels and celebrities. Where all that glitters is gold. A grand city and even more decorated franchise. LeBron’s arrival here will bring in other stars to the Lakers. Ones that wouldn’t do the same if he were in Cleveland. With a young promising core and coach, the Lakers won’t be an immediate title contender with LeBron, but would shortly.

LeBron will ultimately end up in LA. To play for the Lakers would be an honor for the best of the best and he will be worshipped for the player he is. Even a no name like me feels like a somebody when in Hollywood, just imagine what a King feels like.

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