Can Marvin Bagley III be a Franchise Cornerstone?

Several days ago the Kings used their number two pick in the draft on Marvin Bagley III, the power forward/center out of Duke. With the Kings on a long term rebuilding phase, the number two selection was a large part of how soon they can reach success. Can Bagley take Sacramento over the hump they have struggled getting over for so long?

Analyzing Bagley’s game, he is a scoring big man who is dominant more because of his athleticism than his skill and footwork. He is 6’11” with a mediocre 7’0″ wingspan who has trouble on defense. His lack of strength doesn’t help his case as he gets bullied around in the paint.

His jump shot looks fluid although he has not perfected it yet and is inconsistent when it comes to shooting. He is a great rebounder but not necessarily because of his fundamentals but because of his pure athletic ability.

On the upside, Bagley is an athletic specimen who isn’t afraid of grabbing boards on the offensive and defensive ends. He is athletic enough to guard almost any position on the switch. His athleticism has given him a good face to face game and can make his way to the rim.

Bagley can go coast to coast after rebounds and has the ability to euro step to the rim. He needs to work on his post game a little more but his hard work and determination proves that he is willing to work on and get better in his weak areas.

Breaking it down, Marvin Bagley III is an athletic freak who succeeds mostly in part because he is so agile for a big man. His fundamentals and play on the defensive end both need work.

Does this make him a good fit for the Kings? Honestly, with the King’s plethora of big men and the NBA continually going smaller, it is hard to see this as a great pick. His agility might help him fit into the five spot on a small ball lineup but is lack of defense ability will hinder it.

His lack of shooting will keep him out of the four spot along with his lack of strength. He will not be able to stretch the floor and will get bullied around when it comes to low post defense.

His major upside is his raw talent and amazing athletic talent. The Kings will have to develop his game well if they want him as a franchise cornerstone. The one thing that scares me, the Kings have not been the best when it comes to developing their young talent.

With Harry Giles coming off injury this year and Skal Labisierre showing major upside, it will be hard to fit Bagley in with all these bigs along with Willie Cauley-Stein and Zach Randolph.

Their three hole will remain filled by Justin Jackson, who struggled during his rookie campaign. I believe Michael Porter Jr. would have been worth the risk because at least he fits the modern NBA.

For now all I can do is hope for the best with Marvin Bagley III. I will be his biggest supporter as I hope he does well for my beloved Kings. I’m not sure if the two pick was a blessing or not, but for now, all I can do is cheer on the youngsters and hope for the best.

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