The Dodgers are Back on Track

The Dodgers started off the season on a bad note. Justin Turner went down in spring training with a fractured wrist and Corey Seager had to call it a year in late April after he needed to have Tommy John Surgery.

The Dodgers started off slow, a reason to be alarmed for a team one win away from becoming World Series champions several months prior. But for anyone who has watched the Dodgers the last few seasons, a slow start has become somewhat of a habit.

Last year the Dodgers started out not so hot but when they called up Cody Bellinger, things started rolling. The same is happening now since Turner came back. The Dodgers seem to be back on track and are now two games behind the Diamondbacks for first place.

Matt Kemp is turning back the clock and having an All Star campaign during his first half back in Los Angeles. Joc Pederson looks like he is back where he was during his rookie year when he was named an All Star starter. Whoever Max Muncy is, filled in for Turner so well that Dave Roberts is finding ways to keep him in the lineup.

The Dodgers’ offense has exploded in June with home run after home run, but the pitching has solidified since the start of the season. Although Kershaw has looked good but now so Kershaw-esque and he has shared DL stints with Rich Hill, other pitchers have picked up the slack.

Whatever god took away from Kershaw this year, he has gifted it to Ross Striping, who is posting a sub two ERA (even though he lost to the Cubs earlier today). The bullpen has looked solid and after a rocky beginning, Kenley Jansen is regaining his form.

With the same look team from the pennant winners the year before, Los Angeles is back on track after their poor start. They need to keep things rolling to get back to where they were last year, but there is still a long way to go.

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