When Will the Warrior’s Reign End?

Before anyone begins to bash on how lopsided this series is and how I argued for another Cavs vs Warriors Finals, consider this. The Warriors were not going to be stopped on their journey to the Finals, even with a healthy CP3 and no other team in the East would have made any of these games close like the Cavs did in game 1 and 3.

The question is, how long will Golden State reign over the NBA? Before jumping to conclusions and saying the Warriors are locks to be the 2019 Champions, I like to wait until the offseason and see what moves have been made and who ends up where.

Kevin Durant has a player option and who knows? He was a snake once, he could technically do it again, this time to the Warriors and sail ship elsewhere. Although I think the reality is that he will remain in Oakland since he has expressed interest in staying for awhile. So at least for 2019, it looks like the Warriors will have their core back for at least another year, which means trouble.

Come 2019, Klay’s contract is up and I believe he will be the first one of the all stars to pack up and leave. He will have 3 maybe 4 rings under his belt and I think he will want to be the star of his own team or follow in daddy’s footsteps and go to LA where maybe childhood friend and former UCLA player, Kevin Love, will team up in the future.

Curry, Durant and Draymond are still a big 3 but Klay’s absence would be felt. He is arguably the best backcourt defender on their team and he has come up clutch in two game 6’s in the Western Conference Finals. He is a multiple time all star for a reason.

Not even looking too far into the future, the reign could even end next year. The Celtics looked mighty good in the postseason without Gordon Hayward or Kyrie Irving and they might have what it takes to take down the Warriors if healthy. Also, LeBron could team up in Houston or perhaps get more help in Cleveland to try and defeat the Warriors in a fifth straight, same teams Finals.

There are a lot of different scenarios into how House Golden State will fall and we can’t say any of them will actually happen. The 2020 Finals is my best bet to say that the Warriors will not be hoisting up the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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