Take 4: Warriors vs Cavaliers

For all of you who are complaining about another Cavaliers vs Warriors Finals, I would like to apologize to you, but I can’t. See the best thing for the NBA and these Finals is to see the same two teams go at it. Even if it is for a fourth consecutive year.

Four years, long time. But that just shows the excellence that these two teams have maintained to continually reach the greatest stage in basketball. As I’ve said before, best team vs the best player, that’s what we should want and that’s what is being delivered.

Trust me as a die hard Sacramento Kings fan living in the capital of California, it angers me to see people switching from purple to gold in order to jump on the Warriors bandwagon. I dislike the Warriors as much as the next person with a team that looks unstoppable and bad for the NBA.

Yet I appreciate their excellence and the way they built this team up from the draft essentially, excluding of course Kevin Durant. Same with LeBron James and Cleveland. Although I far more respect the King than the Warriors, his dominance in this league has spanned for 8 years running and will try to get his redemption from last year’s loss.

Before saying that the Warriors are unfair and unbeatable, they just played a game 7 last night against a very good team. Although the Rockets won 65 games many thought the Warriors could handle them with ease. This series showed that the Warriors have their vulnerabilities and aren’t always necessarily going to win by a large margin.

The Cavaliers will have to step up however. Their team looks far worse from last year and they lost Kyrie Irving, a point guard capable of putting up 40 on any given night. For the Cavs to prevail in this series, Cleveland will need big performances by Kevin Love and much more contribution from their role players.

This series could definitely be a sweep but if LeBron and company come out swinging, I truly believe it could last much longer. The Warriors will be cool and collected going into this series yet they have everything to lose in this series while any win LeBron gets this series will add to his legacy.

Four years in a row is quite a stretch. Don’t hate but appreciate the success and dominance of these two teams in their respective conferences. Watch and see if the King has what it takes for redemption or if the heavy favorites will cruise to back to back rings.

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