Do The Rockets Have it in Them?

Before I begin to type this post, I would first like to apologize to the city of Houston and the franchise of the Rockets. Not only did I say they would get swept but I also said that no team stands a chance against Golden State.

Five games later, the Rockets have a 3-2 lead against the Warriors with a trip to the Finals at stake. After the Rockets lost game one at home, everyone was saying sweep. Then the Rockets tied up the series. After a 41 point blowout in Oakland in game three, everyone was saying how the Warriors could not be beat. The Rockets continue to prove us wrong.

The absence of Andre Iguodala has impacted the Warriors more than people would have thought. The only non 2018 all star of the Hamptons Five lineup would not sound like a major loss but what he brings to the game is being missed by Golden State.

Not to take anything away from Houston as they have played stellar against the reigning champs. Although Harden hasn’t played exactly like the MVP he was during the regular season, he has still come out strong along with Chris Paul and the rest of the supporting cast.

Even though Iguodala is still questionable for game six, tragic news hit Houston earlier this morning confirming that Chris Paul will miss game six with a hamstring injury. Paul went down in last night’s game after he went up with a floater and went down grabbing his hamstring.

This is bad news for the Rockets for obvious reasons. Their second best player will be out in a big game six at the Oracle and the Warriors look like they will be able to force a game seven.

Momentum can change and this might be the push for the Warriors that will get them back on track. We saw this in the 2016 Finals when Draymond was suspended a game and let LeBron and company comeback to win the championship.

Houston is the only team built to compete with this super team known as House Golden State. They are executing their game plan and are one win away from breaking the Warriors Finals appearance streak. We can’t count out the Warriors just yet though. They once came back from a 3-1 deficit to the Thunder and still have two MVPs on their current squad. This series will go down to the wire.

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