Sacramento Kings: 2 Good 2 Be True

Luck finally shined on the Kings as they were awarded the number two pick in this year’s draft. After always having poor seasons and finishing in the lower half of the league, the Kings always seemed to walk away with a middle of the lottery pick.

That is why this pick will be so crucial for this young Kings team. Not only will their selection determine their rebuilding process (that has been going on for over 10 years) but they also may not get another high pick like this again.

As well, the Kings potentially could lose their first round pick to the 76ers next season after Vlade Divac left all Kings fans shaking their heads from a Nik Stauskas trade and salary dump in 2014.

The future is riding on this selection. With the Suns going first in the draft, it seems like they will either get big man DeAndre Ayton or Slovenian guard, Luka Doncic. The Suns could swing either way since Ayton seems like the consensus number one pick but the Suns just hired the Slovenian national coach whom Doncic just won a European Basketball Championship under.

It seems like the Kings will scoop up whoever the Suns decide not to draft. Doncic would be the best addition with his forward type size but guard type of play. He would fit in well next to DeAaron Fox at the guard position but could also slip into the small forward role if needed.

Ayton looks to be a superstar in the making. The only problem is that the NBA is going small and the Kings already have a surplus of young big men. Ayton would be the best of the big men but as I said, with small ball becoming the new trend in basketball, will Ayton be much help as their superstar in years to come?

There are also other players the Kings will look at such as Michael Porter Jr., Mo Bamba, Trae Young and all the other top tier prospects. For now they will have to evaluate each player effectively so that they can come out with the best pick at the number two spot.

From myself and all Kings fans, we pray to God that the Kings don’t mess this up just like they do everything else. The future of the franchise rests in this pick. Just be right once for our sake.

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