A Sweep in the WCF

The Warriors and Rockets square off tonight in Houston to begin the most anticipated series of the playoffs. With most people thinking that these two teams are the best teams in the league, a lot are saying that this is the real NBA Championship.

With many teams trying to catch up with the greatness of the Warriors during the offseason, Houston added Chris Paul who has flourished next to MVP hopeful, James Harden. It looks like the Rockets may actually have found the answer to taking down one of the greatest teams ever.

Or did they?

The Warriors are well…. the Warriors. We have seen them over the last four years under the helm of Steve Kerr who is looking to take his team to a fourth straight Finals appearance and back to back championship wins.

They seem nearly unbeatable because they practically are. This team lost one game last postseason and the Cavaliers had to put up 71 in the first half of that game to avoid being swept in the Finals.

Adding Kevin Durant last season was the cherry on top of the already perfect sundae. The team that went 73-9 somehow got even better and will go through anyone in their path. They cannot be stopped.

Many saw Anthony Davis and the Pelicans as a threat. The Warriors shrugged it off and took the series in five. Now with two more series left in the playoffs (the most important ones), the Warriors will now take their game to a whole new level.

The Warriors are famous for resting their players and playing hard only when it really matters. Well now with the Rockets in front of them and possibly LeBron next, Golden State will kick it up a notch and put the fear of God into whichever team they will face in the Finals.

The Warriors will sweep the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. They are through messing around and will take care of business in four games just because they have the talent to do so.

The Rockets may look like a formidable team but in reality, no one and I mean no one, has the capability of stopping the Golden State Warriors. Four All Stars, Hall of Fame coach, two MVP’s and the Hamptons Five death lineup, best of luck to anyone in their way.

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