A Curry-less Warriors

Stephen Curry has had his fair share of injuries this year. On Friday, Golden State was thrilled to have their MVP point guard come back after his two week hiatus due to an injured ankle.

With Klay and KD sidelined as well from injuries the Warriors needed Curry to bring their team back on track after they had been struggling from the absence of their all stars.

Curry came back strong against the Hawks and dropped in 29 points during 25 minutes. Unfortunately, late in the third quarter, Javale McGee landed on Steph’s knee and the five time all star limped back to the bench. You could hear gasps throughout the Bay Area as they feared their savior might face another setback.

Two days later, news broke out that Curry had suffered an MCL sprain and that he would miss the entire first round of the playoffs.

This is a major blow for the Warriors. Yes, they might have three other All Stars on their roster as well as an MVP, but Steph was the conductor of this team. Steph could hurt you off the pass, the dribble or the shot. No other player can do that effectively as him.

Steph is what makes the Warriors such a special team. His ability to create shots for himself as well as others cannot be replaced. His tremendous shooting ability makes defenders guard him tightly. Steph’s brilliant handling ability allows him to work his way into the paint where he can finish with his tremendous layup ability or find the open man with his great court vision.

In the playoffs, it is important to have the best player in the series on your team. Steph, I believe, is the best player in the Western Conference. Many may argue Harden, but his stats are inflated by his usage percentage.

Sure. Kevin Durant is a tremendous player himself but he had amazing teams in Oklahoma City with Westbrook and for some time, James Harden. Even with these all stars help, Durant took the Thunder to the Finals only once which he ended up losing. So how much can we really trust him?

With the Warriors having the second seed going into the playoffs, it is unsure who will most likely be their opponent in the first round with so many teams having close records.

Everyone of these teams though have the potential to knock out a Curry-less Warriors in the first round, so Golden State should be aware.

Steph’s absence is a crucial blow for the Warriors. They lose their best player for the first round of the playoffs and have the chance of being knocked out quick in the postseason. Unfortunately for the Warriors, their player’s health has been an issue all year long. Let’s see if they can win without their point guard and refrain from anymore injuries.

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