Who Should Be More Worried?

After three consecutive finals appearances for both the Warriors and the Cavaliers, another rematch for the Larry O’Brien Trophy seemed inevitable for these two teams. Now with a little over ten games left in the regular season, both teams seem to be struggling.

The Cavaliers have struggled for most of the year with their new look squad after trading Kyrie Irving. After Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas and company didn’t seem to pan out, the Cavaliers went for another whole new look.

This one headlined by Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. This team is still trying to get their kinks out as they sit third in the East, but do show to be more promising than the Cleveland team prior to this trade.

With Kevin Love coming back last night and having a solid game, things should start looking up for the Cavs. Lebron is proving age is just a number and continues to make a run for arguably is best season to date.

On the West Coast of this country, the Warriors are without their four all stars after Draymond Green took a foot to the groin. Karma? Steph, Klay and Durant have all been out for the last several games but Curry is aiming for a comeback Friday.

Obviously the Warriors have struggled without their stars and the Rockets have been putting a cushion on their lead with the one seed.

If all four of these players come back healthy when the playoffs begin then I believe the Warriors will be fine and make it to another Finals appearance. The Rockets and Thunder have both proven to be competition for the reigning champs. If the Golden State squad can remain healthy I think they have the advantage in a seven game series against either of these teams.

The road in the East has been easier than the West in recent years and proves to be the same this year. The Celtics and Raptors still aren’t big enough threats to dethrone the King no matter how good Kyrie or Demar play.

Kevin Love will add much a much needed scoring ability next to Lebron which will take some pressure off of him. James will continue his Hall of Fame play into the postseason and might even step it up a notch like he has done every previous year.

Each team is having their setbacks at the moment, mostly due to injury. If each team can be healthy in time for the playoffs then I believe another battle for the crown will happen between the Warriors and Cavs.

But if injury struggles remain, then who knows if either team can fight their way back to the biggest stage of all?


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