We Need a Fredette Comeback

Jimmer Fredette lit up the basketball world in his senior year at BYU as he dropped 28.9 points a game, hit long range three after long range three and won the Naismith College Player of the Year.

Following that year he was taken 10th in the draft and sent over to the graveyard of talent, the Sacramento Kings. Not given much time to play, he made the most of what he was given.

Fredette provided a scoring spark off the bench and showed that he could still hit the long ball at a high percentage just like he did back in his college days. Unfortunately for this young product, Jimmer was bought out by the Kings in 2014.

He played for three more teams over the following three seasons but couldn’t find a home in the NBA.

Fredette looked to be a bust in the NBA, not being able to figure out a role in the association after tearing it up in college. He went overseas to find a fit for him and ended up signing for the Yao Ming owned Shanghai Sharks.

Fredette had a monster first year finishing with 37.6 points per game and the MVP award. Jimmer was offered 10 day contracts by NBA teams after his first round postseason loss but declined so he could spend time with his newborn daughter who he had been away from for so long.

Fredette signed a two year deal to stay in Shanghai after his MVP season and is still lighting up the scoreboard as he is averaging 37.4 points a game this season. So why isn’t Jimmer in the NBA?

Jimmer might lack athleticism but what he lacks in raw ability he makes up in fundamentals and pure shooting ability. In this age of basketball, three point marksman have become a necessity for good teams.

Not only can Fredette hit the triple effectively but he can do it coming off the bench. If you ever watched him with his time on the Sacramento Kings, Jimmer would come in, score eight points in seven minutes than be sat for the rest of the game.

Now that he is given actual minutes in China, he is proving that he can be that lethal scorer that so many teams covet as their sixth man to keep a strong second unit. Yes, he might be in China, an amateur kind of league, but he is still shooting at a high clip and you can’t argue three point percentage.

The 2011 Naismith Player of the Year needs to make an NBA comeback. He will drastically improve his team’s bench which will improve the team as a whole.

For now, we will just have to watch Jimmer across the ocean… as he drops 40 points a game.

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