No Need For Pace of Play Rules

Baseball is and will always be America’s pastime. Unfortunately for this sport, viewers are becoming more easily bored with the slow pace of play and lack of excitement which is found in sports like football and basketball.

Personally, I grew up loving baseball and all other sports came second. I played every Saturday morning for my team and would watch every Dodger’s game at 7:10 p.m.. As I grew older though, I started watching less baseball and began playing and watching more basketball and football.

Did my love for baseball fade away? No. As I grew older I began appreciating other sports and rekindled my love with my less than perfect, hometown, Sacramento Kings. Though I still followed every Dodger’s game and would turn them on if I had free time.

I can clearly see why the MLB is implementing these new pace of play rules. Young adults and even the generation younger than I am are more intrigued by fascinating dunks or one handed touchdowns. But that doesn’t mean that baseball should change.

Every second counts in baseball. Its a game of timing, a game of rhythm. Pitchers will take longer to start their windup to throw the batter’s timing off. The batter will step out of the batter’s box and do his pre-pitch ritual so that he can synchronize his timing and get into a rhythm.

Every pitch and every second counts in this game. It is a game with no time limit and it should remain limitless. Just because it might be losing a little bit of the audience doesn’t mean there isn’t a large one already.

Baseball is America’s pastime. There’s not a better feeling than going to a game and eating peanuts or watching your favorite player hit a home run into the upper deck. Baseball is a game where every moment counts and not one second should be used unwisely.

Although basketball and football might have more “highlight” plays, baseball will remain the game of wits and deception. The game is not dying. Millions of people around the globe enjoy this remarkable sport. There is no need for speeding up a game without a clock.

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