Best and Worst of NBA All Star Weekend

The NBA All Star Weekend is always an exciting time for basketball. The best of the best come together to outperform each other in epic fashion. But with every great moment there are always mishaps. Lets take a look at the best and the worst of this fun filled three days of basketball.


Donovan Mitchell Wins Slam Dunk Contest

The slam dunk contest is usually the most exciting part of All Star Weekend. This year there were some great high flying contestants who oohed and awed during the regular season. Donovan Mitchell took home the trophy with his unique pass off another backboard and his homage to slam dunk champion Vince Carter as he repped the 41 year old’s jersey when he was in the contest.


Outplayed Dunking

I understand that the last paragraph just commemorated Donovan Mitchell for his dunks and winning the thrilling competition. The only problem is that there are only so many ways people can humanly dunk basketballs. It will always be impressive to see these athletes dunk in these marvelous ways but we have usually seen the dunk before… many times. The NBA has tried fixing this with different ways to run this event but this current format has proven most effective. It will take another Aaron Gordon vs Zach Lavine dunk off to captivate the audience once again.


Devin Booker Sets Record in 3 Point Shootout

Devin Booker could not miss a shot as he shot 20-25 in the final round of the 3 Point Shootout. He finished with 28 points, when you add up the money balls, to give him the record in this contest. It was an amazing performance to witness. He absolutely caught fire.


Paul George Shooting in 3 Point Shootout

On the downside of the 3 Point Shootout, Paul George could miss and did so… a lot. He finished with only nine points and boy did he work for those nine. George threw up brick after brick in a gut wrenching performance. Luckily that didn’t take away his spot in the All Star Game.


Quavo in the Celebrity All Star Game

Quavo took home MVP honors for the Celebrity All Star Game as he showcased his skills in front of the hometown Clippers proving he deserves a spot on the roster over Wesley Johnson. He finished the game with 19 points on 70% shooting with five rebounds and 3 assists.


Joel Embiid Cheats in the Skills Competition

Joel Embiid is known for his jokes and antics. During the skills competition, while facing Lauri Markkanen, he passed his first ball to the net but missed the target. He noticed Markkanen made his pass in the net. Instead of trying to make the pass in the target he simply rolled the balls off the rack so he could go onto the next stage. Yes, it was funny and luckily Markkanen won, but he definitely took the “skill” out of the Skills Competition.


Team USA Put on a Dunking Clinic

Although Team USA got smacked in the Rising Stars Challenge, it didn’t stop the Americans from putting on a show. Donovan Mitchell threw a pass to himself off the backboard to slam it home. At the end of the game Team USA threw down some viscous dunks along with one from John Collins who reached back for an alley-oop and slammed it down.


Stephen Curry’s Shooting in the All Star Game

Steph Curry led the Western Conference in votes. In doing so he was given the chance to select his team and lead them in the All Star Game. Team Steph showed up when the game began, but he did not. Its not very Stephen Curry like to shoot 4-14 from the field and 3-11 behind the arc while finishing with only 11 points. He couldn’t even get up the game tying shot as he handed it to Demar Derozan to heave up a terrible shot in the corner. Not a good performance by the two time MVP and team captain.


All Star Game

Recent All Star Games have been dominated by high scoring and no defense. This year was much better. Perhaps it was the picking of the teams or the more money on the line for the winning team. The game went down to the last play and was exciting to watch from start to finish. Hopefully this trend continues in following years.


Fergie’s National Anthem

I feel bad criticizing someone who went in front of millions of people to sing America’s Anthem but Fergie’s rendition didn’t pan out to how she thought it would. The All Stars’ faces say it all as they tried but couldn’t hold back laughter. I’m sure through all this backlash Fergie is staying strong. After all, big girls don’t cry.


Lebron James in the All Star Game

The lead vote getter shined in this game taking home his third All Star Game MVP. James finished with 29 points on 12-17 shooting. He also pulled down 10 boards and dished out eight assists. He had highlight passes and dunks while hitting the game winning layup in the final moments of the game. The team captain led his team to victory in epic fashion


Jimmy Butler Sits Out the Whole All Star Game

Come on Jimmy. We get this is your second stint under Tom Thibodeau and you lead the league in minutes per game but you couldn’t even enter the game once? At that point give up your roster spot so another deserving player could play and help Team Steph. Oh well. You don’t have to explain it to me, but you might have to to Lou Williams.

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