The Potential of Trae Young

Even though we aren’t even at the All Star break, there are so many teams out there who have no chance at making the playoffs. This includes my own beloved Kings who have been awful for what it seems, ages. For us fans we tend to do one thing; look towards the future.

The closest future for most of us is the upcoming draft. We look into “way too early” mock drafts and discuss who our team should pick. This year it should be obvious. Everyone should want Trae Young on their squad next season.

Trae Young is an incredible talent on the offensive end. He leads the NCAA in both scoring per game and assists per game. This is no coincidence as the freshman can knock down 30 foot three pointers and has incredible court vision.

He is always looking up on transition trying to find the open man. He does this well but struggles on turning the ball over. This should progress as he matures. The fact that he can find the open man and create shots for his teammates so efficiently is remarkable.

What also has teams drooling is the fact that he can hit threes from a distance and at a high rate. He can pull up on the dribble or catch and shoot. This makes defenders play tighter on him near the arc. That doesn’t stop Trae. He drives well and either lays it in or finds the open man.

In this day and age of basketball, point guards who can pass and score are a must have if you want a chance of having an elite team. We see this with the Rockets and James Harden, Steph Curry and the Warriors, Westbrook and the Thunder, as well as King James and the Cavaliers.

The fact that he can make threes is a big plus. Westbrook and Lebron have trouble with the long ball, but look at Curry. He revolutionized the game and because of this basketball is moving away from the basket. His three point shooting ability is a big deal and should not be overlooked because of his size.

He has the potential to be the next Stephen Curry which is an extremely high praise. Marvin Bagley and DeAndre Ayton look good, but Trae should not be passed in the draft. He can take your team to the next level.

His shooting and scoring ability along with his court vision and passing will make Young the most coveted player in this year’s draft. He might only be a 6’2″, 180 lb. guard from Oklahoma but Stehpen Curry was only a 6’3″, 185 lb. guard out of Davidson, and look where he ended up.

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