Foles Gold

With nine seconds left on the clock and the Patriots on their own 49 yard line, Tom Brady snaps the ball for one last play. Brady sheds off a tackle from Brandon Graham and heaves a ball into the end zone. After a a few deflections, the ball hits the ground. The Eagles exhale and there is pandemonium in Philadelphia as they just won their first ever Super Bowl.

On the sideline watching that last play unfold was the starting quarterback Nick Foles. Ever since MVP front runner Carson Wentz went down in week 14 the Eagles became underdogs as no one trusted the back up QB.

Even after playing at an excelled level during the postseason and making it to the Super Bowl after a blowout win against the Vikings, not many trusted the six year quarterback.

Foles went into the Super Bowl guns a blazing against five time champ Tom Brady, throwing for 373 yards, 3 touchdowns and catching one himself. His performance earned him Super Bowl MVP honors and a hero in the heart of Philly fans everywhere.

Here comes the interesting part. Where does Foles see himself next year? Any other Super Bowl MVP quarterback would easily be starting or getting a big paycheck the following year. This won’t be the case for Foles.

Foles was only starting for the Eagles because of Wentz’s injury. The second year QB was having a season for the ages and would have easily won the regular season MVP award. With Wentz still looking like the better option in Philadelphia, what will happen with the Super Bowl hero, Nick Foles?

The Eagles have him under contract for one more year. They will either keep him since Wentz is still injured and he will be a great backup if they need him again, or they will trade him.

This is a tough call because he would be a great asset for the team. On the other hand, Foles’ value is at its peak and they can trade for pieces that can make the overall team better with Wentz under center.

With quarterbacks a hot commodity in the league today, it would be best to trade him for draft picks. It feels weird telling a team to trade the Super Bowl MVP but it will be the best move for the team.

With Denver in need of a quarterback and holding nine picks in this years’s draft, it would be a good idea to send Foles over to the Broncos. They will acquire a much needed QB and the Eagles can stock up in the draft.

Foles will be a hero in Philadelphia for eternity. He stepped up in the largest way possible and delivered the City of Brotherly Love their first Super Bowl. But at the end of the day, football is a business, and you got to do what is best for the team.

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