Super Bowl Prediction


The New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles tomorrow night in Minnesota and people are asking the important question, who is going to win?

With Tom Brady playing in his eighth Super Bowl fresh off his 3rd MVP. Bill Belichick still running the team. Rob Gronkowski starting at the tight end position. I feel like this one should be easy. Patriots all the way. Right?

Lets take a look at this game in a little more depth before predictions are thrown out based on the Patriots amazing dynasty over the past two decades.

Tom Brady has not slowed down a step since turning the age of 40. He is now the oldest player to win MVP. Not only does he look stellar as always but this isn’t his first rodeo. Brady, who already has five rings under his belt, has been in this same position seven times already! He will be calm and collected just like its any other game. I mean even last year after being down 28 to 3 he still came away with the Lombardi Trophy.

Nick Foles hasn’t looked too bad himself ever since taking over the starting role since Wentz went down against the Rams in week 14. This is the biggest concern everyone is worried about for the Eagles. Can the backup quarterback win the Super Bowl?

Although I believe Foles will play just fine in his first Super Bowl appearance, this game won’t entirely be on the shoulders of the starting quarterbacks. The Eagles’ defense have the opportunity to be the difference makers in this Super Bowl.

The Eagles’ D has looked remarkable all season long and seem to have stepped it up to an even higher level since the postseason began. This defense can stop even the five time champion Tom Brady and I believe that they will be able to step up in a big way.

Although so can the Patriots’ defense. Matt Patricia runs one of the best defenses in football. Although, he is given a hard task trying to stop this Philadelphia offense. Not only do they have to stop the passing game with Foles, Alson Jeffery, Zach Ertz the Patriots will also have to stop the running duo of last year Patriot LaGarette Blount and Jay Ajayi.

The Patriots will definitely step up their game and will try their best to handle this offense.

The Patriots will have a tough time going against the Eagles and vice versa. But I have to give the edge to the Patriots because of experience, having a great overall team, and having Brady and Belichick.

This game will definitely be closer than most imagine. The Eagles will play a hard fought game. But when you have Brady under center for the Patriots, there’s only so much you can do.

Final Score:

Patriots 23

Eagles 17

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