When You Think You Trade for an All Star but Actually Trade One Away

Andre Roberson, Victor Oladipo

When Paul George was traded to the Thunder last summer NBA fans only started to imagine how good this Thunder team could be. George paired up with Westbrook, things could look good real soon for Oklahoma City.

Though not many cared who the Thunder gave up to acquire the four time all star. Many, including myself, thought OKC got a steal for this trade. Only giving up Oladipo and Sabonis for a superstar in his prime, few would hesitate to pull the trigger on this deal.

Now halfway through the season it looks like the Pacers may have gotten the better deal in this trade after all. George, who is still having an excellent season, didn’t make it to the all star team. Victor Oladipo on the other hand did.

As I said before Paul George is still playing like a star and looks a little bit like an all star snub. He’s averaging close to 21 points a game on this loaded Thunder roster while he is second in steals in the league right behind his teammate Russell Westbrook.

On the other hand the two players traded to the Pacers have succeeded on their new team. Oladipo is set to make his first all star appearance while averaging 24.1 points, 4 assists and 5.2 rebounds. Very worthy numbers for an all star.

Sabonis who only averaged 5.9 points and 3.6 rebounds in his rookie campaign on the Thunder has come out strong this year averaging 12.4 points and 8.3 rebounds.

The Thunder have only recently began to click as a team after starting off the year on a rocky note. It looked like this super star studded team wouldn’t work but luckily to OKC fans it might pan out in the long haul. Still, they are only 5th in the West with many teams not far behind.

The Pacers are only a few games behind the Thunder in NBA standings. Oladipo and company is leading this team to a 6th seed in the east. A high spot in the standings not a lot of people thought this Pacers team would be sitting at.

It is hard to say who won this trade because both teams received what they needed to win games. But after Oladipo got the all star nod and Paul George was left off the all star roster it looks like Indiana might have come up with the better deal. It seems like Oklahoma City might have been better off just trading for Carmelo and keeping these young talents instead of going after George.

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