Tom Coughlin: Patriot’s Kryptonite


This Sunday the New England Patriots host the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game that will decide who heads to Minnesota to play in Super Bowl LII. The Patriot’s dynasty led by Brady and Belichick are heading to their 7th straight AFC Conference Championship and their 12th as a duo. The Jaguars on the other hand are in their first one since 2000.

The Patriots look like the usual Patriots and continue dominating. They still look like the same great team even with a 40 year old quarterback and through drama between Brady and Belichick. If the Patriots do what they have done the last two decades then they should cruise into the Super Bowl.

On the other hand the Jaguars are trying to complete their worst to first adventure. Even though their quarterback, Blake Bortles, receives much criticism the team still finds themselves one game away from the Super Bowl. Jalen Ramsey and the mighty defense have looked outstanding and look like they can stop anyone including Tom Brady and the Patriots.

After a rough game scoring only 10 points against the Bills in the first round of the playoffs the Jaguars still managed to come out with a win. They came back strong the following week and dropped 45 against the Killer Bs and the favored Steelers. Their stellar play led them to a win and a trip to the AFC Championship game in Foxborough.

The Patriots look like the favorite in this game and there’s really only one reason why. It is because they are the mighty Patriots. This quarterback and coach have taken down much tougher opponents than these Jaguars. The only problem for the Patriots is that the Jaguars have an advantage not many think about.

Tom Coughlin returned to the Jaguars a year ago and took over Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Tom Coughlin was the head coach of the Giants from 2004 to 2016. In his tenure for New York he led the Giants to two Super Bowl victories. Both over Brady and Belichick’s Patriots as well as the duo’s only Super Bowl losses.

Now with Coughlin running things behind the scenes in Jacksonville will he be able to continue his dominance of New England? Even though the Patriots will be a tough win, nothing is out of reach for this gritty team and their pummeling defense.

Coughlin turned things around quick in Jacksonville. The Jaguars went from a laughing stock to one of the best teams in football. Now in the AFC Championship against the Patriots they face their toughest challenge yet. With a victory, Coughlin can prove that he truly is Brady and Belichick’s kryptonite.

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