Why We Should Hope for Cavs vs Warriors Once Again


As I write this the Cleveland Cavaliers have lost four straight and eight out of their last ten. They look nothing like their rival the Golden State Warriors and aren’t even at the top of the Eastern Conference standings.We all know Lebron though and when the Cavs reach the playoffs, things will change quickly and for the best.

I hear a lot of people saying “Golden State vs Cleveland is getting boring, we need something new.” Granted, the Warriors being at the top is quite frustrating for any other good team because they will be the clear favorite for the next few years. Same to the Cavs in the Eastern Conference if Lebron remains in Cleveland.

That doesn’t mean we should be rooting for this rivalry to end. The Warriors going up against the Cavaliers is like the clash of the titans. The best team ever against the greatest player ever, why would anyone want to see anything else?

We saw two years ago Lebron take down the greatest regular season team of all time and witness how exciting was it to see Lebron finally take the trophy home for Cleveland? Last year we witnessed Kevin Durant drain a three in cold blood over King James himself to ice the championship for his first one ever.

This rivalry is the biggest one since the Celtics and the Lakers in the 1980’s. Each team motivated to cut through the other team in any effort to win. Each year we see something new and this year its revenge for the Cavs to take back the throne.

So unfortunately for anyone who is sick of this rivalry, then sorry but these two teams will be in the finals once again this year. Don’t be so upset about it. You are witnessing the two best teams going at each other in a heated match with tensions that go back several years.

This year will be round four. Even though the Cavs have a different look to their team than the last few years, the stakes will still be the same. Lebron will rally his team to beat the mighty Golden State Warriors while Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will do their business and try to cruise to another title.

Whatever happens, it will be thrilling to watch. Every game will be intense and the winner will go home with an enormous amount of bragging rights and utter glory.

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