Just Gurley Things


Todd Gurley accumulated 276 yards from scrimmage with 2 touchdowns on Sunday. In a win that clinched the division for the Rams for the first time since 2003, Gurley looks like the front runner for the MVP award this season.

Gurley has been an offensive weapon this season after having a down year in 2016. As of right now he leads the league in rushing and total touchdowns. Sean McVay has a lot to do with the success of this offense but it wouldn’t be anywhere close to what is it without Gurley.

Gurley is such a threat because not only can he run through defenses but he can make you pay through the air. He has 788 yards in receiving to go along with six touchdowns. Gurley already has over 2000 yards from scrimmage with one game left. He is a main factor to why the Rams went from the worst offensive team in the league last year to the best this season.

His fantastic play all season has helped improve the second year quarterback Jared Goff. With a top receiving running back in Gurley, Goff has an extra target on the field when Gurley is in the game. The play action pass has also worked more effectively for Goff because defenses have to respect the fake to Gurley.

Not often do teams go from the lowest scoring team in the league to the highest the very next season. Teams don’t go from not making the playoffs since 2004 to clinching the division without a special kind of player. Gurley has improved the Rams in so many ways and its only fitting to see him win MVP.

With major injuries taking out MVP candidates like Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz and Antonio Brown I believe there is only one option left. Sure Tom Brady has thrown the ball well at age 40 but Gurley is there heart and soul of the best offense in football. Gurley is more than worthy and he will be crowned MVP of the NFL.

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