Big Baller Bland


Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball does not deserve the media attention he is getting from big name sports studios. But he does not deserve all the negative feedback he is receiving as well. Unfortunately for him, Lavar Ball has stolen the spotlight from what his son worked to achieve.

From hearing about Liangelo shoplifting while in China to Lavar pulling his sons from school to compete professionally in Lithuania, Lonzo has done nothing publicly to deserve such harsh criticism. His family’s actions should not be the basis on how we judge the number two pick in the draft.

Lonzo has struggled hitting his jump shot this season. Many believe it is the pressure from his dad or his weird shooting form. I believe it is the learning curve from adjusting to professional basketball. Not all players can be Lebron’s and be stars straight from the get go.

Even though his shot has struggled, he is still averaging almost 10 points a game with 7 rebounds and 7 assists. An impressive stat line for a rookie anywhere. The problem is that the spotlight is shining brighter on this young talent because of his family, because he is in Los Angeles and because a lower draft pick on the team is playing better.

Everyone needs to lay off Lonzo. Every missed three does not need to be blown out of proportion but neither do his 20 point games. Let the rookie play and make a name for himself. Lonzo Ball has great potential in this league with his scoring, passing and rebounding ability. Even if his jumper isn’t falling right away there is one thing that can always be worked on and that is shooting.

So next time Lavar says Lonzo will win more titles than Bill Russell or Lonzo goes 0 for 6 behind the arc there is no need to over criticize him. He will get better as he adjusts to the league and we will have to get used to Lavar because he seems like he is here to stay.

Lonzo Ball is a talented young player who might not be producing the numbers people are expecting from him, but he certainly isn’t playing poor. His game will improve as he moves forward. The league should be excited about the skills he will bring to the NBA in years to come.

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