Niners Strike Gold


Last month the Forty Niners shipped a second round pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for highly talented prospect Jimmy Garoppolo. We’ve all heard about the quarterback from Eastern Illinois. Lots of potential, has never lost a start, good looking. Now away from Tom Brady and the mighty Patriots he has a chance to prove what people have been saying about him.

Garoppolo had been under Tom Brady’s wing for three and half years when he was traded to the Niners. He had one of the best mentors one could ask for and expectations have always been higher on him because of this. Most thought Garoppolo would be the heir to Brady’s throne, but with Tom playing at an MVP level at age 40 there didn’t seem to be much of a reason to keep him around.

On October 30th, Garoppolo packed his bags to San Francisco and began practicing with the team with no wins on the year. After sitting out a couple of weeks he was put in the game after C.J. Beathard went out of the game after a hard hit. He completed all two of his passes and his second one was a touchdown to Louis Murphy. It was a perfect debut for the best yet to come.

Jimmy took the reigns the next week against the Bears in Chicago and promptly led the Forty Niners to their second victory on the season. Two weeks later and two more wins for the once winless Niners, Garoppolo seems to be the answer in San Francisco as the team had taken a hard fall since the departure of Jim Harbaugh.

Garoppolo remains to stay undefeated as a starter and has taken one of the worst teams in football to three consecutive wins. No easy task whatsoever but the signal caller out of Eastern Illinois made it happen. With a young coach in Kyle Shanahan, who helped Matt Ryan take home MVP honors last season, there is no reason that this duo won’t be able to thrive in years to come.

The Forty Niners have a historic franchise with many great quarterbacks throughout the seasons. Jimmy Garoppolo has all the potential and skill to be the next one and turn this team back into contending form like they were a just a few seasons ago. After all he already has two Super Bowl Rings and a 100% winning percentage, how can a team get a better starter than that?

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