From Wentz they Came


The Rams vs Eagles game on Sunday was nothing less than a thriller as predicted. With the Eagles winning by 8 the game was even closer than that. With the Rams down by 2 with one second on the last play Brandon Graham picked off a lateral and ran it in for six.

The Eagles took down the other highest scoring team per game on the road to clinch the NFC East. This win cemented the Eagles as perhaps the best team in the NFC. Their offense looked dynamic and their defense came up big in key moments.

Unfortunately the Eagles might see this hard fought win actually as a loss. In the third quarter Carson Wentz dove into the end zone and was hit hard to score a touchdown which was called back by a holding penalty. He finished the drive by throwing a touchdown to Alshon Jeffery. Wentz never returned to the game and was seen walking to the locker room.

News came out later that Wentz had torn his ACL and would be out the remainder of the season. The Eagles’ losing their MVP front runner is a big blow for the rest of their season. With Nick Foles now becoming their signal caller they will not be as feared as they were when Wentz was under center.

Not only is it a blow for the Eagles who looked Super Bowl bound, it is a loss for the NFL in general. With top quarterbacks going down this year in Aaron Rodgers and the phenom rookie Deshaun Watson, the last thing fans want to see is the MVP hopeful quarterback to join the list of injured players.

The Eagles still have a great team with a terrific platoon in the backfield and dangerous threats at the wide receiver position. Nick Foles has thrived in Philadelphia before and I know Eagles fans are hoping he returns to his old form. The season isn’t over for Philly but they will have to find a way to overcome the obstacle in losing their star player.

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