Chronicle of Kaepernick


There is no doubt that Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by the NFL. My realization came when Mike Glennon was made a stater in Chicago. For others it could have been Jay Cutler coming out of retirement or Brett Hundley being named the starter after Aaron Rodgers’ injury. Maybe you have not come to this realization yet. But there will most likely be more injuries this year to help prove this case.

Colin Kaepernick is a top 32 NFL quarterback and the fact he is not on a team raises much suspicion. Going into this last offseason there were teams with quarterback holes in either the starter or back up position. But as the offseason came to an end Colin Kaepernick remained unsigned. Even as quarterbacks became injured during the season, no team would sign him.

As many know, Kaepernick began kneeling for the national anthem last season with a lot of negative feedback. People were disgusted at the fact that an American would kneel during a salute to the nation he lives in. This created turmoil and many owners became reluctant to sign him. They were afraid of having Kaep on their team leading to a bad locker room environment or an angered fan base. But it also looks like owners do not support what Kapernick does.

With Marshawn Lynch sitting during the anthem this season and Derek Carr injuring his back last month, a perfect fit would have been for the Raiders to sign Kaepernick. But with quarterbacks getting injured and teams still not giving Kaep at least a workout for the job, I see his career in the NFL practically over.

What Kaepernick did was courageous. To kneel down in front of a country and take a stand on black lives in this country is no easy thing. He should not be punished for an action protected by the constitution. It is not fair that owners are able to pass on this talent and go with worse options just because they don’t agree with what he does.

I am sad to see Colin’s message get lost this year by the NFL. In week three many teams linked arms or knelt down during the national anthem including Jerry Jones who is strongly against kneeling. They did not kneel for the mistreatment of African Americans in this country but for unity against tweets by Donald Trump. If anything, Kaepernick did not lose his place in the NFL to see his message become distorted.

Kaepernick is a martyr. He stood up against a greater evil in this country and had to give up the game he loved most. The game he worked his whole life to succeed at and accomplished feats at the highest level. He is paying for being a hero to those without a voice and to the people who no longer have a voice.

The quarterback who was in the Super Bowl four years ago is now out of the league and I see no return time soon and possibly ever. Owners should be ashamed for punishing free speech. I doubt even Tom Brady getting injured on the last week of the season could bring Kaepernick back. This world is of many injustices. Luckily football is just a sport. I am glad Colin sees his true purpose in this world.

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